The CV Centre: Turnaround Times

Turnaround Times

2.1.The following clauses relate purely to our CV writing service and are obviously not applicable to our interview coaching service.

2.2. We can only commence work on an order once we have received your details. Once you have paid for your order you will have the option to upload an existing CV or complete a details form. Our turnaround times are timed from the point at which we receive the information which your writer requires to complete your CV.

2.3. Once you have ordered, you will have your first draft within 2-3 working days except during periods of high demand where this might take a day or so longer.

2.4. Exceptions to this are the optional express delivery services, detailed as follows.

2.5. 24-Hour Delivery

First draft ready within 24 hours of client details being completed.

2.6. 6-Hour Delivery

First draft ready within 6 hours of client details being completed.

2.7. Failure by us to meet the timescales of either express service will entitle you to a refund of the appropriate premium paid. We can not be held liable for any further losses incurred as a result of failure to meet these timescales.